Sapphire Lietuvos Liutas "Sepperl"

Import from Lithuania

3 years

 gew. 22.10.2015                    HD-A
Zuchtzulassungsurkunde des ÖKV

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Datum Klasse Ort Richter Bewertung
05.03.2017 intermediate class CAC Graz / A Ferdinando Asnaghi / I Excellent 1, CACA, Best Dog, Best of Breed
04.03.2017 intermediate class CACIB Graz / A Michael Leonhard / IRL Excellent 1, CACA
30.04.2016 puppy class Club Show SK Nuria Vigo Navajon / ESP Very Promising 2
17.04.2016 puppy class Club Show ANICC / I Mary Robbins / UK Very Promising 4 (out of 16)

Sapphire Lietuvos Liutas
16 month

05.03.2017: in typi, excellent head, nice expression of breed, good movement, right coat - Excellent 1, CACA, Best Dog, Best of Breed

04.03.2017: Excellent bone, correct ears, good eyes, correct tail carriage, coat of good texture, well presented, excellent lengh of back, lovely balanced head and good expression - Excellent 1, CACA

30.04.2016: lovely puppy, 6 month old, small size, typical expression, clean eyes, masculine expression, perfect eyes, I prefer more legs, back could be better but he will develope, nice bones, I prefer longer neck, excellent temperament, good movement, excellent coat condition, good handling - VP 2

17.04.2016: stilted action; micro short body; lovely coat; moved well for one so young - VP 4

4 month

Sapphire Lietuvos Liutas
3 month

Sapphire Lietuvos Liutas
2 month 

2 month