Maruso's Quendoline "Quendi"

HD A/B, ED 1

lives in  in Denmark

Datum Klasse Ort Richter Bewertung
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4.12.2011 puppy class DKK's Christmas Show / Koge Mile Baek
Tomas Rholin
Tomas Rholin
Best Chow-Puppy
Puppy BIS
27.11.2011 baby class DKK's Christmas Show / DK Carsten Birk / DK very promising 1, best baby & best groomed Chow (out of 24!)
20.11.2011 baby class Sørbymagle / DK Leif-Herman Wilberg very promising 1, best baby
15.11.2011 baby class Aars / DK David Ross / UK very promising 2

Maruso's Quendoline

Maruso's Quendoline
3 month

Maruso's Quendoline
9 weeks